Welcome to my online portfolio. Here you can view an overview of my skills, experience, and other important information. There are also relevant links to samples and author pages at external sites.


  • Ability to create outstanding, entertaining, and accurate written content in a timely and professional manner. This includes news articles, feature pieces, reviews, and lists.
  • Extensive experience in working as part of an editorial team, working to set instructions. Also able to work alone, researching for potential pitches with only limited direction.
  • Proficient in a variety of relevant software, such as content management systems and image manipulation software. These include the likes of WordPress and GIMP.
  • Excellent critical thinking skills, so that I can develop powerful arguments and critique work effectively.
  • Able to work across a variety of topics, with a good knowledge of video games, entertainment, technology, and current affairs.
  • Understand best SEO practices and how to make content appeal to a wide range of readers.


Freelance Writing (Video Games)

Since 2013, I have provided content to a number of websites and publications with a primary focus on gaming and the video game industry. In particular, this has involved reporting on breaking news, crafting intelligent opinion and feature pieces, along with writing a large number of reviews and list-based articles.

Author pages for some of these sites can be seen below:

ScreenRant.com | OnlySP.com | CulturedVultures.com | Gammicks.com | PopGeeks.net | LoadTheGame.com

Freelance Writing (Other)

While I have focused primarily on gaming content, I have also covered different topics for a range of other websites. The vast majority of this work has centered on entertainment. Generally, this involved writing content, such as listicles, with an emphasis on movies, television, and popular culture. However, I have also provided content on subjects as diverse as history, sport, and technology.

A selection of author pages is available below, covering some of the websites where my work has been read by tens of millions of readers in total.

TheThings.com | TheTalko.com | Ranker.com | TheRichest.com | Listverse.com | TopTenz.com | WhatCulture.com


A variety of samples are available are available right here. They include news articles, reviews, lists, and feature/opinion pieces.

If you have any problems or need additional samples please get in touch using the information below.

Contact Information & Additional Information

If you need further information or have a job opportunity please contact me using the email address below or by visiting the contact page.

My resume and CV are available here on this site. Cover letters are available upon request.

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