I am an experienced freelance writer and editor, capable of providing exception written content to websites and publications across a wide range of topics. In particular, I have specialist knowledge of video games and the gaming industry but am also capable of writing about other subjects. These include movies, television, and comics.


  • Ability to write in a variety of different styles and formats, from breaking news stories to informative and critical reviews.
  • Proficient at using a wide range of software and content management systems, such as WordPress, ExpressionEngine, and Google Docs.
  • Experienced at working remotely to tight deadlines and collaborating with other team members to accomplish specific goals.
  • Deeply knowledgeable of several topics, including video games, television, movies, and general entertainment.
  • Understanding of best SEO practices and how to make content appeal to a wide range of readers.


CBR.com / Junior Editor


Contracted freelance junior editor at Comic Book Resources. Responsible for editing organic list articles focused on comics books, video games, television, and movies. 

Primarily involved in ensuring all content meets the requirements of the style guide, fixing spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, and scheduling articles for publication. High workload of 50 articles of 1000+ words every week.

Duties also include managing a team of writers, approving pitches, and generating topics for writers.

Various / Gaming Freelance Writer


Provide written content to a number of different websites and outlets, covering video games and other forms of entertainment. This includes breaking news stories, reviews, guides, lists, and other forms of articles. 

Contributed regularly to sites such as The Independent, Screen Rant, The Escapist, Ranker, Gammicks.com, Cultured Vultures, and PopGeeks.net.

Author pages for some of these sites can be seen below:

The Independent | ScreenRant.com | OnlySP.com | CulturedVultures.com | Gammicks.com | PopGeeks.net | LoadTheGame.com

Various / Freelance Writer


While I have focused primarily on gaming content, I have also covered different topics for a range of other websites. The vast majority of this work has centered on entertainment. Generally, this involved writing content, such as listicles, with an emphasis on movies, television, and popular culture. However, I have also provided content on subjects as diverse as history, sport, and technology.

A selection of author pages is available below, covering some of the websites where my work has been read by tens of millions of readers in total.

TheThings.com | TheTalko.com | Ranker.com | TheRichest.com | Listverse.com | TopTenz.com | WhatCulture.com


A variety of samples are available here. They include news articles, reviews, lists, and feature/opinion pieces.

If you have any problems or need additional samples please get in touch using the information below.

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