8 Titles That Proved Licensed Video Games Can Be Awesome

Licensed games have had a somewhat negative history. Quite often they’ll be a quickly-developed title designed to tie in with a movie or television release. Other times they’ll simply be an attempt to exploit fans of a franchise by getting them to pay for a game set in that universe.

We’ve had numerous examples of terrible games based on movies such as E.T. and Fight Club, as well as a huge amount of poor superhero games such as Spider-Man and Batman.

Very occasionally though a developer will license a franchise that they themselves love, and put the time and effort into making the best possible product. These are not only incredibly fun to play but also stay true to the original source material on which they are based.

This list will countdown the eight best examples that prove licensed games can be really good. If you think there are other examples then feel free to let us know in the comments below. | Read at WhatCulture


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