Yesterday Origins (Xbox One) Review

The point-and-click adventure genre ruled the early 1990s, with games like The Secret of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango selling millions of copies and becoming staples of the industry. However, the boom wasn’t to last and it soon became clear than these types of adventure games were becoming less popular compared to their more action orientated counterparts. Fortunately for fans of the genre, Telltale Games have brought them back into the fray with the successful release of The Walking Dead, giving players the chance to get back to grips with the fiendish puzzles that once haunted their nightmares. | Read more at


Headlander (Xbox One) Review

Headlander is exactly the type of game that you would expect Double Fine Productions, the Tim Schafer company that has been responsible for the likes of Psychonauts and Brutal legend, to make. The only real difference between it and some of their other output is that they have squarely prioritized gameplay over everything else, meaning that the story and action isn’t quite as in-depth or funny as you might expect, but boy is it really fun. | Read more at

Wheels Of Aurelia (Xbox One) Review

Wheels Of Aurelia is a rather odd game. It is obstinately a driving game but most of the action and focus of the title is not on the actual driving but rather the conversations between yourself and the various passengers accompanying you on your journey. In this way, it is more of an interactive story than a video game in the strictest sense. This not only makes it a unique experience but also very difficult to review. | Read more at

Rock Band Rivals (Xbox One) Review

The return of the Rock Band series last year, alongside the latest Guitar Hero, heralded the return of the music genre that was once a billion dollar industry. However, the bottom soon fell out of the plastic instrument market thanks to oversaturation. With new releases coming at a rate of more than one a year, the appetite for additional games simply fell away. | Read more at

Battlefield 1 (Xbox One) Review

Although games like Titanfall, Halo 5, and even Rainbow 6 Siege have tried to breathe new life into the shooter genre over the past few years, the field has remained dominated by two giants. Both Call of Duty and Battlefield have remained the go-to franchises for those looking for a FPS experience, even if they have left behind their World War II roots somewhat since their respective launches. However, it now seems like developers and players are also sick of killing people in the near present – hence why Activision have decided to take Call of Duty to a new futuristic setting, while EA have decided that their premier shooter should instead look back. | Read more at

Toy Odyssey (Xbox One) Review

Like so many other independent titles that have come out over the past few years with the advent of the Xbox Live Arcade and Steam, Toy Odyssey: The Lost and Found has decided to harken back to the olden days. At least it has in terms of its style and gameplay, which take after the classic Metroidvania games from the SNES era, though the presentation has a much more modern look to help bring it up to date with modern audiences. | Read more at

FIFA 17 Review (Xbox One)

It’s always been the case that reviewing a sports game that comes out annually can be a difficult task. When compared to more traditional releases that often see drastic alteration to gameplay, each successor in a sports franchise often involves only gradual improvement with just a few subtle changes. EA has made the job of reviewing FIFA 17 slightly easier thanks to the fact they have transitioned to a new game engine and introduced a new mode that is the most significant addition since the inclusion of Ultimate Team. | Read more at

BioShock: The Collection (Xbox One) Review

In the last generation of consoles, BioShock stood out as one of the premier franchises. The new intellectual property was established in 2007 with the release of BioShock on Xbox 360 and PlayStation and eventually went on to spawn two sequels and a host of spin-offs in other mediums. Each entry in the series received widespread critical acclaim and helped bring new life to the first-person shooter genre that has become somewhat stale thanks to the huge popularity of Battlefield and Call of Duty. | Read more at

The Turing Test (Xbox One) Review

On first impression, The Turing Test might seem eerily familiar. After all, it features a female protagonist being guided through a scientific facility by a mysterious artificial intelligence as the player has to solve a variety of clever puzzles. Despite these outward similarities to Portal, this game by Bulkhead Interactive manages to do enough maintain its individuality and separate itself from other titles in the genre. | Read more at

Jotun: Valhalla Edition Review (Xbox One)

Jotun: Valhalla Edition is a rather strange game in terms of its gameplay, story, and presentation. You play as a recently deceased Viking woman who is seeking to prove herself worthy of entry into Valhalla to Odin. To do this, the player must defeat various Gods in combat to earn their appreciation and impress them sufficiently so that you are allowed into the Norse equivalent of heaven. What makes it so unusual, though, is that this action-adventure game uses hand drawn images for its art style and features a distinct lack of enemies other than the aforementioned boss encounters. | Read more at