This page lists the skills and experience I have gathered in my writing career. You can view author pages for most of the websites I have written for and I have also provided direct links to specific samples throughout.


  • Ability to write in a professional manner across a variety of topics and meet deadlines, including news stories, feature articles and list-type features
  • Can examine press releases and product websites to find relevant information and create unique posts based on them
  • Communicate effectively with publishers, developers and industry insiders as well as colleagues and editors
  • Able to work alone on own initiative or to set directions from editors
  • Experience in developing ideas, researching topics as well as finding relevant sources and material
  • This extends into coming up with regular features and working with editors to develop a long running series of articles
  • Ability to craft content that grabs the reader’s attention and has the ability to go viral to reach larger numbers of readers
  • Have worked with a variety of content management systems, including ExpressionEngine and WordPress and can use them with a high degree of confidence
  • Also experienced in image manipulation software such as Photoshop and GIMP


Freelance Work | Various

April 2013 – Present

Since April 2013, I have provided high quality written content to a number of websites and publications across a range of topics, with a primary focus on video games and technology. In particular, this has involved reporting on breaking news stories, creating informative pieces for the audience, writing reports on the industry, reviewing games and developing feature articles.

Some of the sites I have worked with regularly are

  • PopGeeks.net – A continuing position where I contribute news posts, reports, feature articles, interviews and reviews, often writing 10+ pieces every week. I have also worked with editors to create regular features such as Retrospective Reviews and Coming up in Gaming, which looks at the games and hardware that is set to launch in the upcoming month.
  • LoadTheGame.com – Contributed a large number of in-depth articles looking at important announcements and rumours in the gaming and technology industry, specializing in giving readers an incisive look at upcoming products.
  • NextGenUpdate.com – Reporting on braking new stories across all platforms and genres on a daily basis. Contributed over 140 articles and more than 30,000 words in total.
  • ThatGamerHub.com – I provided feature articles about issues concerning the video game industry and about relevant breaking news stories while providing coverage of upcoming games from press releases.

Samples of the different types of content I have provided can be seen below:

News Articles | Editorial & Feature | Reviews | Interviews

Despite having focused mainly on reporting on video games and technology, I have also covered other subjects for popular websites such as Ranker.com Listverse.com, TheRichest.com, CollegeHumor.com, Distractify.com, TopTenz.net, Soccersweep.com and WhatCulture.com. This has included writing “Top 10” style list articles, full-length feature articles and news stories. Total views across these website number in the tens of millions.

Some of the topics covered for these outlets include factual pieces on sport, politics and popular news stories. However, I also provided a variety of humour and entertainment based articles that feature television, movies or popular culture elements heavily. Some samples of these types of articles are listed below:

Factual & Entertainment | Sport Articles

I have also worked regularly with LOLWOT since April 2015, contributing articles on a daily basis. Published content includes trending videos and news stories as well as “Top 10” style lists that grab the reader’s attention and encourages them to read the entire article and visit other pages on the site.

LOLWOT was first launched in October 2014 and is one of the most visited websites in the world, with 29 million unique visitors every month and more than one million social media followers.